Inspiration of the Day: To Achieve


To achieve something for the sake of oneself or for others is far better than doing something to spite or beat someone. To beat someone is such a short sighted goal that tends to leave you feeling empty in the end. So stop beating and start achieving.


Inspiration of the Day: Inspiring Others


It’s good to be inspired, but it is better if we can inspire others.

Inspiration of the Day: The Danger of Later


Retirement, this one word is the carrot that most of us chase for the majority of our life. We go to school so we can work for freedom. We work so we can save up to buy our freedom. We buy our freedom so we can focus on doing the things we wanted to do in our lives as we grew up. Don’t be like that. You only have so long to live. So live to the fullest and start doing the things you want to do in your life now.

If it is meant to be, Then it shall be


The feeling of love can be one of the best or worst experiences that an individual can face. The majority of us are constantly seeking it, chasing it, desiring it. However, sometimes we make mistakes on what real love is because of our desire for it. This leads to much heart break and sorrow. Don’t chase love, but cooperate with it. When true love comes it will stay. So don’t fret if you don’t have love now. Be patient and you will have love in the end.

Inspiration of the Day: A Kind Word


During these times of struggle kindness can be a difficult thing to come by, It doesn’t have to be that way though. So the next time you see someone tell them something nice and brighten their day.

Inspiration of the Day: Removing Someone’s Sorrow


Sometimes there are days that we feel that we can’t move on or just want to give up on everything. We feel so much pain and sorrow that we become lost. However, with something as simple as a hug or letting someone know you truly love them can remove all that sorrow. Become that light for someone you care about and let life’s blessings fill you with much joy.

Inspiration of the Day: Inner Life


All to often we start with a dream or passion that ends up dying or never turly becoming fulfilled. This is a tragic turn of events for it is our dreams and passions that are necessary to make our world a better place for everyone. So don’t let your dreams and passions die, because even if it does not provide much utility to many it can still be the small light that is needed to help someone else. Thank you all for reading.