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Love & Passion


I have always believed and still believe to this day that there is nothing more important than love and passion. These are the things that keep us wanting to live one more day. To push harder today than how much we pushed today. Without these things for most of us there really isn’t much to live for. So when I found this video today I knew I had to go share it. I know I don’t write often on here, but if there is something that is truly moving, then I do say as a human being it is important for us to share such things with one another. Hope you all enjoy the video. Until next time take care.


Inspiration of the Day: To Achieve


To achieve something for the sake of oneself or for others is far better than doing something to spite or beat someone. To beat someone is such a short sighted goal that tends to leave you feeling empty in the end. So stop beating and start achieving.

Inspiration of the Day: The Danger of Later


Retirement, this one word is the carrot that most of us chase for the majority of our life. We go to school so we can work for freedom. We work so we can save up to buy our freedom. We buy our freedom so we can focus on doing the things we wanted to do in our lives as we grew up. Don’t be like that. You only have so long to live. So live to the fullest and start doing the things you want to do in your life now.

Inspiration of the Day: Living Wisdom


It’s important that we gain knowledge. However, I feel that it is more important to gain wisdom. So live to use your knowledge so that you can become the wise person you were meant to be. Have a great Friday everyone.

Inspiration of the Day: Taking a Risk


Whenever we try to do something we are taking a risk. This can be something big or small. Taking a risk can sometimes be one of the scariest things we do as individuals; especially if we know there is a chance to be hurt either emotionally, financially, or physically. However, despite the fears that come along with taking risks it is a necessary thing that we must do, because a life with no risk is not a life at all.

Inspiration of the Day: Moving Mountains


Whenever we take on a new project we tend to want to move the mountain right away, but the mountain is not just one stone. The mountain is made up of many stones. So as with the man that moves the stones from the mountain; we too must start with the smallest step and go from there.

Schooling is not the End


Most of us are told to some extent that if we don’t do well in school we will never make it anywhere in this world. To some extent that can be true if you are lazy. However, for those who continue to work eventually they will do well in life. This may not mean that they will ever be rich, but it will make them a success regardless. So don’t think when someone tells you that you suck in school that that is going to be it for you for the rest of your life.