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To Be Simple



Humans make life more complicated than we need to. This leads to a lot of frustration. Today was such a day. I had only recently wrote a post on here, but couldn’t really figure what else to share after that. As I was wracking my mind over what to write I looked at my feet and saw my cat sprawled on the floor in front of my feet. She looked so peaceful. In some ways I almost felt envious of her. When I began to ponder this feeling of envy I realized that it was my own doing that I felt this way. There is a lot we can learn from just watching our pets. If you ever learned anything something from watching your pet please share. Thanks.


Having Less with More


When I first saw this picture I questioned myself about my life. I know I don’t really care to have a lot of stuff. Though even with that I suppose the things I do want is almost never ending; especially when it comes to some of the things I really enjoy. So why do we do so much if we are getting less? In particular it makes me wonder about how I am using my time in life.

Many of us work most of our lives. There is nothing wrong with working, but your time is limited. So let me ask you this. Why do you do what you do? If you can honestly say because it is something you truly enjoy, then that’s great, but if you can’t, then why are you doing it? This topic comes to me often when I go to work. My work isn’t bad, and it pays my current bills, but I often question myself why. The only answer I can come up with is instant gratification in the form or a paycheck. However, is this a good reason to do so when you already know that a fair portion of it is going to taxes and bills?

So the next time you do something, particularly something you don’t really enjoy, ask yourself why you are doing it. If it’s something you don’t really like doing, then ask yourself what you can do to fix that. We only have so much time in this life of ours. So why not spend it doing things we love? Until next time take care everyone.

Finding the Answer You Need

Lately I have been voraciously trying to seek the answer to what I personally wanted from life. Before trying to live more for myself I was leading a rather unhealthy lifestyle of self loathing. There were things I enjoyed, but they were all rather trivial. So this trivial feeling I had made it quite difficult for me to really find a passion. However, after doing a lot of soul searching with the help of loa I feel I had found an answer to what it was I was seeking. Now this is only a start, but for me it is an extremely exciting beginning. Of course I think we all need a little help here and there so I found something I thought could be of use to all of you who are still trying to seek the answer to your own lives. I hope this helps.

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Live Life: Unplug Yourself


For a while now I have been working on unplugging myself from most of my electronics. With the way things are  most of us are connected to something electronic. It is convenient, keeps us up to date, and usually quite handy as a tool that can be used daily. However, I do feel that it makes you get out of touch with the world. So take some time every now and then to just enjoy nature and relax.

Live Life: Embrace Change



Life is continuously changing. Some of these changes are influenced by our actions while others not so much. Don’t fight it. Learn to flow with the change and make the best of it. And surely life will bring you good fortune.

Are You Living Your Life?


“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.”

~Walt Disney


I would like to announce to you all that I am going to start a series about ‘Living Life’. The reason this topic came up was because I came to realize that I was making myself a slave to money. Life is so short and to spend it working all our lives I feel is a disservice to ourselves. I understand that we live in a system where money rules our actions and that it is the system we are taught to live in. Luckily, there is always a chance to change this.
So with that being said please feel free to give any thoughts and suggestion you might have for this series.

“If what you’re doing is not your passion, you have nothing to lose.”



All You Need In Life


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

~Oscar Wilde


Life is simpler than most of us think. We tend to stress about a lot of stuff, but are these things really necessary to stress over. I’ve been going over a lot of things that have been stressing my life and realized that most of that was unnecessary stress brought on by my own want for instant happiness. However, I realized that it was because I was just aiming for temporary happiness that I wasn’t living the kind of life I should be. So here is a list I am planning to use in my own life.

  • Eat foods I enjoy.
  • Talk with friends.
  • Get ample sleep.
  • Work toward a career I would love to spend my time working on.
  • Enjoy a few hobbies.

These things can all be done rather inexpensively and not only will it be inexpensive, but just the sheer satisfaction that would come from it would be a huge boost to the overall happiness that one can have.  Hope you guys can use this to live better lives as well.