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Schooling is not the End


Most of us are told to some extent that if we don’t do well in school we will never make it anywhere in this world. To some extent that can be true if you are lazy. However, for those who continue to work eventually they will do well in life. This may not mean that they will ever be rich, but it will make them a success regardless. So don’t think when someone tells you that you suck in school that that is going to be it for you for the rest of your life.



A Change in Personage


Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting less and less in life when it comes to physical objects. Part of me feels quite lost from it. Then today I came across the picture up above. The picture had helped me realize that this journey of finding myself as well as wanting to help people has changed me more than I had realized. I am still seeking answers, but I feel that this must be the first step and change that is necessary for this journey that I am on.

Material things aren’t bad to have. We all need some creature comforts. However, I think that the better comforts are things that could be shared with others; especially with those whom you cherish most in your life. For me the creature comforts I prefer are more along the lines of equipment for being able to produce something to give back to the community. I still am not sure what kind of medium to use, but I have found that I gain a great amount of joy helping for the sake of helping rather than for the sake of accruing money.

I do often have to remind myself that I need to remain patient while progressing with this journey. Sometimes I feel so much frustration at how slow things are going. So I tell myself that the great wall of china wasn’t built in a single day. It may be silly to compare this journey to such a wonder, but it gives a good reminder that all great things take time to come to fruition.

Hope you are all doing well and finding the path that you need to live to lead the life that you most desire. Take care everyone.

Inspiration of the Day: New Day = New Chances


We all make mistakes everyday. It’s part of being human. However, with each new day we have an opportunity to make things better. To improve upon what we have started or are already working on from the previous day(s). So if you feel stressed out from messing up today just remember tomorrow is another chance to change all of that.

Inspiration of the Day: Success = Desire > Fear


To fail is a scary thing. I often feel afraid of failure and end up taking a passive route. However, that is not the path toward success. Success is littered with moments of failure. It is through our willingness to fail and keep on trying that eventually brings us the success that we so desire. So, are you ready to succeed today?

Inspiration of the Day: The First Seed


Everything starts small. You may think you are big, but the reality is you’re still small. This is okay though, because if we don’t start, then nothing will ever grow. So start something small and watch it grow.

Inspiration of the Day: To Be Committed


Commitment, for many of us this can be a scary word. I know I’ve shied away from being committed to many things that would have probably been of great benefit to me. However, for those of us that are scared of the idea, it is time for us to change that.

I know that currently I’m rather bad when it comes to committing to things. I commit to very little unless for whatever reason it has a strong pull on my emotional side. One example I can give is being committed to posting on here.

When I first started blogging on here I was very excited. It was something new and having heard that it could become a potential income source had excited me even more. I was relatively active to begin with. Of course, as time went on it became a drag to try do something for it; especially since at the time I was more money motivated than anything else. This lead to just not working on it at all at times. And then I just stopped.

At that time my commitment wasn’t toward giving but taking. I just wanted to receive without giving back. I was selfish. However, I knew that this wasn’t the right path to true wealth. So I decided to commit myself to trying to give back. This led me back to posting. To post at least once a day. Even if it was just a simple picture; never stop posting daily. I wanted to commit to giving back. To make giving a habit and a part of my life. So are you still having problems committing?

If you still have trouble committing, then try this; start something really small. When you start something really small and do it daily it becomes easier. When that becomes you can do something a little harder and repeat doing it daily. By doing this you will train yourself to be stronger and form habits.

Committing to something doesn’t have to be hard or scary. We can all commit to doing good things; especially if it can help you and others at the same time. However, you need to take that first step for it to work. So commit to yourself to start today.

Be Yourself


Today I have the night off from my job. I’ve been reading many things new and old. And I have been reviewing my recent activities.

The activity that I have been looking over the most today has been my blog. I have been posting on a rather regular basis, but my results feel a bit dismal. This dismal performance has me a bit stressed, but after thinking about what I have been doing I came to realize that I wasn’t really providing any real value. There was nothing I was really putting in personally. My blog lacked spirit.

Initially when I started working more consistently on posting stuff on here I was working to make posting a habit. Of course, I had the bright idea that such activity would bring me better stats for my blog. That was a mistake on my part.

Doing what I did I feel is a good starting point to make something into a habit, but in that process I had forgotten the importance of giving value. A lot of things may not seem valuable to many, but the sheer fact of really sharing yourself with others is in itself a greater value than putting up something that is generic. I believe that this sharing is what makes blogging the great thing that it is today. So don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and personality with others, because that is the path that we as a society should be striving toward.