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Meditate to a Healthier Life


Are you sick of how you feel most the time? Do you wish you could be less stressed or have more energy? Then perhaps you should consider meditating.

Meditating has been well known to provide a good variety of health benefits to the human body. In the picture above are some of the health benefits that meditating gives you. And best of all it’s easy and free. So stop stressing and start meditating.



What is God? The definition we have for God  is an entity of perfection. Today I would like to throw out a thought for everyone to ponder about. Are we not a derivative of God?

Religious people would probably be upset with this question and tell me what a blasphemous person I am. However, I think it’s good to wonder about such things in an attempt to expand our personal levels of worldly comprehension. The two points I want to push forward is the laws of the conservation of mass and energy. Lets start with the conservation of mass.

For those of you who do not know the law of the conservation of mass it is simply defined that mass cannot be created nor destroyed, but transformed. A prime example of this is the foods we eat. We eat food and then it leaves our bodies as fecal matter or urine. Anyways, to get back to the post we can all agree that from what we know of God is that God has always existed. So this would also mean that all matter had to exist the same time as God. This would also mean that God could also composed of the same matter. So this raises an interesting question. Are we already perfect? Of course, people would point out that God is supposed to be perfect in all ways and that our bodies are in no way perfect or else we’d never age, become ill, or get scarred. On top of this notion of physical perfection we also  include things such as knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to perform. So if we look back at the idea of physical perfection being that it’s constant, then perhaps one could say that God doesn’t have a physical form, but one comprised of pure energy.

Here we can touch on the conservation of energy. Energy never changes. It is exactly what it is. It is constant. The only thing is that energy never stays in one place. It is constantly shifting from point A to point B. This could easily explain why  it’s plausible to say why God knows everything. So, going back to the question, are we a derivative of God?

Personally I believe yes. I believe we are imbued with this energy that makes up God and thus gives us the ability to live. I also believe once this energy has been depleted we die and possibly become a part of God again. I would like to state that I am not against any religion and am just writing this to express my own view point of God. I am also a believer in the existence of God, but I question whether he is an entity that needs worshiping. For my fellow followers as well as those of you who come across this post I hope you will be willing to share your thoughts and ideas on this topic. I would love to hear your beliefs and thoughts about God. Until next time take care.