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Inspiration of the Day: To Achieve


To achieve something for the sake of oneself or for others is far better than doing something to spite or beat someone. To beat someone is such a short sighted goal that tends to leave you feeling empty in the end. So stop beating and start achieving.


If it is meant to be, Then it shall be


The feeling of love can be one of the best or worst experiences that an individual can face. The majority of us are constantly seeking it, chasing it, desiring it. However, sometimes we make mistakes on what real love is because of our desire for it. This leads to much heart break and sorrow. Don’t chase love, but cooperate with it. When true love comes it will stay. So don’t fret if you don’t have love now. Be patient and you will have love in the end.

Inspiration of the Day: To Apologize


Apologizing can be difficult at times; especially if you know you are in the right. However, to be in the right may not be so right since right may be more a perception than a fact. So if you have a bad fight with someone you care about apologize, because in the end it’s only those you truly care about you that will be willing to stick with you till the very end.

Inspiration of the Day: Living Wisdom


It’s important that we gain knowledge. However, I feel that it is more important to gain wisdom. So live to use your knowledge so that you can become the wise person you were meant to be. Have a great Friday everyone.

Inspiration of the Day: Taking a Risk


Whenever we try to do something we are taking a risk. This can be something big or small. Taking a risk can sometimes be one of the scariest things we do as individuals; especially if we know there is a chance to be hurt either emotionally, financially, or physically. However, despite the fears that come along with taking risks it is a necessary thing that we must do, because a life with no risk is not a life at all.

Inspiration of the Day: Peace


As I have mentioned before one of my personal goals is to make sure I post at least once each day. So if I miss a day need to work on the previous day’s post. So this inspiration is for today’s posting. Hope you guys enjoy it. Take care everyone.

Inspiration of the Day: Inspiration = The Fruits of Labor


I don’t have to much to say for this one except that I genuinely believe in this saying. Hope you are all doing well.