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Inspiration of the Day: Passing it on

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Children are blank slates. Sure they have their own personalities and what not, but those personalities can still be molded and changed with the way we treat them. So for the brighter future be kind and show them a life of joy, because someday we’ll look back and need that kindness returned.


Child Rearing: Are We Going to Soft?



In our current society we hear lots of adults talking about the consequences of so called child abuse. At the same time there seems to be an increase in problematic children in our society. So it begs the question are we being to soft on our youth?

Before child abuse laws were put into effect parents were laying the law down and setting a firm ground work on good moral values. Of course, there always exceptions to this and hence why child abuse laws were made. However it seems now that even the smallest form of disciplining a child is considered child abuse these days. Is there no limit on how limiting we can get with our laws?

I am not saying that it’s bad to have child abuse laws in our books, but I hardly think a harsh spanking should be considered child abuse.  This is my thought though and I would love to hear from those who read this to leave their thoughts about the current laws we have in place to protect children from abuse.