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Love & Passion


I have always believed and still believe to this day that there is nothing more important than love and passion. These are the things that keep us wanting to live one more day. To push harder today than how much we pushed today. Without these things for most of us there really isn’t much to live for. So when I found this video today I knew I had to go share it. I know I don’t write often on here, but if there is something that is truly moving, then I do say as a human being it is important for us to share such things with one another. Hope you all enjoy the video. Until next time take care.


Love and Pain


Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of posts these past few days. I was feeling rather down inside and finally I’ve ended up breaking down. There isn’t a whole lot that can bring me down, but this case was quite dear to me. I knew what was already going down and I tried being strong about it. However, I still ended up breaking down from it.

So now that I’ve basically recovered from my plight I have a lot to catch up on for here. For today I just wanted to apologize and tomorrow I shall start on my catch up. Thank you all for your understanding and support. I really appreciate it.

If it is meant to be, Then it shall be


The feeling of love can be one of the best or worst experiences that an individual can face. The majority of us are constantly seeking it, chasing it, desiring it. However, sometimes we make mistakes on what real love is because of our desire for it. This leads to much heart break and sorrow. Don’t chase love, but cooperate with it. When true love comes it will stay. So don’t fret if you don’t have love now. Be patient and you will have love in the end.

Inspiration of the Day: Removing Someone’s Sorrow


Sometimes there are days that we feel that we can’t move on or just want to give up on everything. We feel so much pain and sorrow that we become lost. However, with something as simple as a hug or letting someone know you truly love them can remove all that sorrow. Become that light for someone you care about and let life’s blessings fill you with much joy.

Inspiration of the Day: Passing it on

inspirational quotes for kids (7)

Children are blank slates. Sure they have their own personalities and what not, but those personalities can still be molded and changed with the way we treat them. So for the brighter future be kind and show them a life of joy, because someday we’ll look back and need that kindness returned.

Inspiration of the Day: Love Will Come


This was a rather touching quote for me. Sometimes for quite a few of us to wait for that one individual can be the hardest thing to endure. However, the wait will be worth it. So be patient and hopefully that love will come to you sooner than later.