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Breaking Out of My Slump


For a long while now I’ve been fighting an emotional depression. When I was young I would have these episodes after failing to get the love I so desired from someone I had hoped would actually care for me. However, this depressive episode was on a whole different level. The struggle┬á has been going on for a couple of years now and still comes about every now and then. I had never struggled this long or this much, but I suppose this is what people would call a “True Love”.

I remember in my younger days when I had scoffed at the idea of depression. However, after experiencing depression myself my views had changed. The only view that hasn’t changed is my personal beliefs that there must be a better alternative to combating depression other than popping a pill in your mouth to alter your chemical state temporarily. Now for something more cheerful.

I would like to announce to you all that I have started up a small Ebay store. And since we’re finally here in December I would like to share with you all some items you may want to consider for a loved one that are currently priced for a bargain.



Here is a watch for all you lovely ladies that is currently going $15 on auction or if you would like to purchase it right now you can do so for $49. Now for I haven’t forgotten about you guys, and ladies, this could be something for you to consider getting your sons.


$T2eC16hHJIYE9qUcQYgzBQlidcmnpg~~_32A sealed, brand new Nba2k13 for the PS3. You can buy it now for $40 or try to win it in the auction for $0.99.

I really appreciate all of you who have viewed my blog; especially to all those who have decided to follow my blog and have kept following. To you I give my sincerest appreciations. I hope you guys will check out my new Ebay store. I’m still learning the ropes, but I hope with this I can keep myself busy enough to never have to fall back into the slump that I have been going through these past several weeks. Until next time take care everyone.


Happy Thanksgiving


This is really much of a post, but I hope everyone; especially my followers are having a great thanksgiving. And for those of you who don’t celebrate this holiday I hope you are having an equally splendid day. Thank you everyone for your support. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!