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Love and Pain


Hello everyone. I apologize for the lack of posts these past few days. I was feeling rather down inside and finally I’ve ended up breaking down. There isn’t a whole lot that can bring me down, but this case was quite dear to me. I knew what was already going down and I tried being strong about it. However, I still ended up breaking down from it.

So now that I’ve basically recovered from my plight I have a lot to catch up on for here. For today I just wanted to apologize and tomorrow I shall start on my catch up. Thank you all for your understanding and support. I really appreciate it.


Meditate to a Healthier Life


Are you sick of how you feel most the time? Do you wish you could be less stressed or have more energy? Then perhaps you should consider meditating.

Meditating has been well known to provide a good variety of health benefits to the human body. In the picture above are some of the health benefits that meditating gives you. And best of all it’s easy and free. So stop stressing and start meditating.