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Improvement by Engagement

50 Educational Video Games That Homeschoolers Love

A while back in an older post I had touched a bit about gaming in life. I have always enjoyed playing games. My belief in games is that it has the potential to help improve our lives significantly and not just for entertainment purposes.

The thing about games in general is that they engage our minds more fully than your average educational setting of sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher drone on about a topic that you may not care about. When you are engaged your focus is stronger and the ability to retain and recall information is that much higher. This is what I like to think of as utilizing the fun factor.

Most of us have great memory retention when it comes to something we really enjoyed. This fun factor drives us to want to do more of the given activity. And the more we do something the better we get.

When looking into some information on the topic I came across some interesting sites. For those of you who are interested I suggest reading through them. Below is a small list of sites to go to.

Though this post has mainly been about games used for educating what I really hope for all is that you find what it is you love to learn and dive into it. There may not be any games on that topic, but if you truly love it, then pursue it and share that joy with others. Thank you.


Gaming: The Next Stage of Social Success

Hello everyone. How is everyone? I hope you are doing as well if not better than how I am. Not to long ago I had put up a post about success from a speaker on TED. I am sure many of you have probably heard of TED. For those of you that haven’t though I highly recommend that you do go check them out. They even have a blog on here that you can follow. Anyways, as I continued by browsing after a small game of MTGO I watched another inspirational video from TED. Now this one for me held a particular place of interest. For a long time I had believed that if life were really a game, then I’d probably be more motivated to do the things that were needed compared to my current state of being. Of course, my personal state is my own fault. However, I would still have to say that I do truly believe that a gaming concept for real life would be more interesting. A prime example that was used in the video was Farmville. Thousands of people all over the world play this game. Another great example is the World of Warcraft. Games have always been good about rewarding players compared to punishing them for mistakes. This is not to say we should forget that this is the real world and some things are more permanent than others, but another thing I do believe is that if we as people had more fun in our lives and enjoyed what we did, then we’d be both happier and more productive. Now, without further ado here is the video.

Your Life as a RPG Character



My posts have been very sporadic for some time now. I do apologize for that to my dear followers, but I do feel that writing has been more meaningful compared to when I have been trying to writing something daily. Of course, this isn’t what I came on here today to talk about. I came on here to share an experiment that I am about to embark on. That mission is to make my life into a game.

How many of you have thought it would be cool if you were a game character or a comic book character? I know I have and am sure many of you have had this fantasy at one point of your life. So the question becomes why not try to live life like your favorite characters?

A lot of games these days are really just an imitation of our lives with a few fantasy aspects added to them. One of the greatest examples of these are the MMO’s. So lets look into the aspects of a typical MMO,

In a MMO you have a character that you build. They fight monsters, learn skills, do quests, go on adventures, make friends, and earn cash. The only part of that list that we don’t necessarily do on a daily basis is fight monsters, but everything else we do.  Learning skills is education, quests are jobs, adventures is travel, friends are friends, and we get cash from selling our junk or completing our jobs. However, there are some very notable difference aside from the fantasy factors of the game and that is we love doing the stuff on the game.

Why do we love it though? The work isn’t really no different from the work we do daily. The only major difference is variety. We are constantly doing different things in the game. So what if we tried doing different stuff? This is something I intend to try for myself and each month I shall share my experience of this journey every month. I know the time gap does seem kind of large, but change does take time. I hope others of you might try this out and share your experiences. Thank you every one.

Finding the Answer You Need

Lately I have been voraciously trying to seek the answer to what I personally wanted from life. Before trying to live more for myself I was leading a rather unhealthy lifestyle of self loathing. There were things I enjoyed, but they were all rather trivial. So this trivial feeling I had made it quite difficult for me to really find a passion. However, after doing a lot of soul searching with the help of loa I feel I had found an answer to what it was I was seeking. Now this is only a start, but for me it is an extremely exciting beginning. Of course I think we all need a little help here and there so I found something I thought could be of use to all of you who are still trying to seek the answer to your own lives. I hope this helps.

Click the image below to start watching.



New Blog Announcement

Just wanted to announce that I have started a new blog to explore my passion for Magic: The Gathering. The address is:

I will still be doing my blog posts for naokihan, but I wanted to make this to keep things separate and organized.

Thanks everyone for your support and readership.