I’m going to be honest about this whole about thing. When I first started this I was all for the idea of making money from it. I would still like to make income from blogging, but my intentions have taken a whole different route. My new intentions is the want to help and inspire others; especially if it helps them gain the kind of success they desire. My only problem has been figuring out how to help them out in my own way. So I’ve kind of been trying out various things on here trying to figure out what works best for me on how I can help others. I don’t really want this to be another how to or self improvement blog; though it has been kind of going down that route. Anyways, as things improve, hopefully sooner than later, you’ll probably see things change on this about page. And for all of you that read and/or follow my blog thank you so much for you support. It really does mean a lot to me.


5 responses to “About”

  1. jaynefranks says :

    Hi, I like your site. Your last posts are effective, make you think. Super. Love your header. Great design. Self enquiry – is an effective method of seeing the world in a differnt light. Best of luck.

  2. TracesoftheSoul says :

    You are already showing how learned and mature you are by learning from others.congratulations on your 100+ followers:) Namaste

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