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The Need to Network


More than just a post, but for those of you who do read or check out my blog I have a question. The question I have for you is what ways have worked best for you to network with other people; especially other bloggers?


To Be Simple



Humans make life more complicated than we need to. This leads to a lot of frustration. Today was such a day. I had only recently wrote a post on here, but couldn’t really figure what else to share after that. As I was wracking my mind over what to write I looked at my feet and saw my cat sprawled on the floor in front of my feet. She looked so peaceful. In some ways I almost felt envious of her. When I began to ponder this feeling of envy I realized that it was my own doing that I felt this way. There is a lot we can learn from just watching our pets. If you ever learned anything something from watching your pet please share. Thanks.