Inspiration of the Day: To Save Someone


Sorry for the lateness of my posts lately. Been so worn down from work. Anyways, onto the good stuff.

Today when I found this quote it made me reflect upon some of my own actions I’ve taken in the past. To make others suffer is never a good feeling, but I do often find that usually one is also feeling down and hurt inside. To feel so much that one can’t express themselves in any other way except through causing pain to others. If you are on the receiving end, then try to bear with it and see if you can help that person. If you happen to be the one feeling the pain, then try to focus on minimizing your feelings by sharing it with someone or finding some other way that won’t hurt others while at the same time lessening your own pain. This can be difficult for both sides. However, regardless of the difficulty it is something that we all must strive for. Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for reading. And have a great day.


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8 responses to “Inspiration of the Day: To Save Someone”

  1. busymindthinking says :

    You my friend are insightful. May I re-blog this great post?

  2. busymindthinking says :

    Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    My morning inspiration! Enjoy!!!

  3. randomblurting says :

    Thanks for sharing this… i really needed to read something like this today.

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