A Change in Personage


Lately I’ve been finding myself wanting less and less in life when it comes to physical objects. Part of me feels quite lost from it. Then today I came across the picture up above. The picture had helped me realize that this journey of finding myself as well as wanting to help people has changed me more than I had realized. I am still seeking answers, but I feel that this must be the first step and change that is necessary for this journey that I am on.

Material things aren’t bad to have. We all need some creature comforts. However, I think that the better comforts are things that could be shared with others; especially with those whom you cherish most in your life. For me the creature comforts I prefer are more along the lines of equipment for being able to produce something to give back to the community. I still am not sure what kind of medium to use, but I have found that I gain a great amount of joy helping for the sake of helping rather than for the sake of accruing money.

I do often have to remind myself that I need to remain patient while progressing with this journey. Sometimes I feel so much frustration at how slow things are going. So I tell myself that the great wall of china wasn’t built in a single day. It may be silly to compare this journey to such a wonder, but it gives a good reminder that all great things take time to come to fruition.

Hope you are all doing well and finding the path that you need to live to lead the life that you most desire. Take care everyone.


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