Inspiration of the Day: To Be Committed


Commitment, for many of us this can be a scary word. I know I’ve shied away from being committed to many things that would have probably been of great benefit to me. However, for those of us that are scared of the idea, it is time for us to change that.

I know that currently I’m rather bad when it comes to committing to things. I commit to very little unless for whatever reason it has a strong pull on my emotional side. One example I can give is being committed to posting on here.

When I first started blogging on here I was very excited. It was something new and having heard that it could become a potential income source had excited me even more. I was relatively active to begin with. Of course, as time went on it became a drag to try do something for it; especially since at the time I was more money motivated than anything else. This lead to just not working on it at all at times. And then I just stopped.

At that time my commitment wasn’t toward giving but taking. I just wanted to receive without giving back. I was selfish. However, I knew that this wasn’t the right path to true wealth. So I decided to commit myself to trying to give back. This led me back to posting. To post at least once a day. Even if it was just a simple picture; never stop posting daily. I wanted to commit to giving back. To make giving a habit and a part of my life. So are you still having problems committing?

If you still have trouble committing, then try this; start something really small. When you start something really small and do it daily it becomes easier. When that becomes you can do something a little harder and repeat doing it daily. By doing this you will train yourself to be stronger and form habits.

Committing to something doesn’t have to be hard or scary. We can all commit to doing good things; especially if it can help you and others at the same time. However, you need to take that first step for it to work. So commit to yourself to start today.


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