Be Yourself


Today I have the night off from my job. I’ve been reading many things new and old. And I have been reviewing my recent activities.

The activity that I have been looking over the most today has been my blog. I have been posting on a rather regular basis, but my results feel a bit dismal. This dismal performance has me a bit stressed, but after thinking about what I have been doing I came to realize that I wasn’t really providing any real value. There was nothing I was really putting in personally. My blog lacked spirit.

Initially when I started working more consistently on posting stuff on here I was working to make posting a habit. Of course, I had the bright idea that such activity would bring me better stats for my blog. That was a mistake on my part.

Doing what I did I feel is a good starting point to make something into a habit, but in that process I had forgotten the importance of giving value. A lot of things may not seem valuable to many, but the sheer fact of really sharing yourself with others is in itself a greater value than putting up something that is generic. I believe that this sharing is what makes blogging the great thing that it is today. So don’t be afraid to share your knowledge and personality with others, because that is the path that we as a society should be striving toward.


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2 responses to “Be Yourself”

  1. Patti Hall says :

    Great message. Just hang in there…it will get better:>)

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