A New Hero


I’ve always been a big fan of super heroes, but that topic can be discussed on another day. Today I want to talk about a recent individual that I’ve decided to place into my list of people that inspire me and that individual is Steve Pavlina.

The reason I titled this post as a new hero is because I believe that it’s important to have people that inspire us in our lives. To be able to inspire and help make things better for others I feel is something that is truly heroic.

Steve Pavlina is a relatively well known inspirational self help guru. In one of his books I had bought it had talked about his past experience being deeply in debt and struggling to reach a certain level of success. At first he had been rather focused on the acquiring of money with his creative content, but he had been so focused on the process that he wasn’t really working on creating true content to give to others. After being deeply in debt and bankrupt he essentially dropped just about everything and focused on creating real content. What touched me was at the end of that chapter when he asked what could you give to others that you love doing if you had basically nothing? I still have yet to come up with a concrete answer for myself, but ask yourself that question and ponder upon it.

For those of you who are interested in Steve here is a link to his blog site: StevePavlina.com


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