Real Love is Always the Best Way


Today when I was watching a new series to a series I enjoyed watching I was reminded of how I much I cared for someone. However, this thought led to other things that I had read before from books and people about doing things you love. However, I think doing something you love may be harder than most people think.

For me I realized that loving something truly would mean that at some points I’d hate doing it so much that it would disgust me to no end, but even after such disgust, anger, and sorrow of doing it if I could still want to do it, then I know for sure that it is something I truly love to do. You know that the love is true when your emotions can sway so strongly, but at the same time you are able to keep at it despite all the good and bad things that go down. I have yet to feel these intense emotions for work, but I have hopes of finding it someday. Are you doing what you love?


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