The Path of Educating


My apologies for the late post. There were many things that were going through my mind. One of the main things going through my mind today was how do I make this goal of helping people into the ideal that I am hoping for it to be? So a few days ago I had ordered a book on counseling careers. Today it finally arrived. And after reading it I was a bit dismayed.

The book wasn’t bad. It was relatively informative of the various careers in the field. The thing that made me feel a slight feeling of despair was the part about education.

Yes, education is important. In fact, I think it is an essential toward a better life. However, I also believe that true knowledge should be freely given and not hoarded. This is not to say that an individual should not be compensated for their work. However, when one’s economy is not doing well it becomes more imperative that the country works to truly educate its people instead of binding them with debts that can be difficult to pay off. At the same time though I feel that having looked into the amount of education it takes to be a counselor has made me see a clearer path on how specifically I do want to help others, and that path is through helping people become better educated individuals.

Right now I am in my late 20’s, I work two jobs, and I have a fair amount of debt with a limited amount of college education. The fact that I am in my late 20’s leaves me a bit anxious about the success of my goal of helping people. I know I need to become better educated and that I should work to get a college degree, but the lack of resources does leave me rather lost. I don’t know quite how to proceed from this point, but I now have a more focused idea to work with which I am grateful for. If any of you have any good suggestions you would like to offer please feel free to comment about it. Thank you everyone for your support. Until next time take care.


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7 responses to “The Path of Educating”

  1. TracesoftheSoul says :

    Great post!! I changed career at 37 yrs old and went back to university part time, working at 2 to 3 jobs…once you know what your passion is, rest will follow…it will take time but during that journey you learn so much as well…blessings

    • naokihan says :

      Wow, hearing that you changed careers at such an age is quite inspiring. The task for me right now feels really daunting; especially since I am really unsure how to even begin. Thank you though for the great comments. I really appreciate it.

      • TracesoftheSoul says :

        When you are still unsure where to do…volunteer…I volunteered from 28 to 35 in counselling and decided I wanted to get my degree but I knew I wanted it with all my heart…took 9 years part time, working, volunteering and that long journey gave me the extra that is NOT taught in books:) Namaste my friend…take your time…

      • naokihan says :

        With each new comment I read I feel almost floored. With this comment though I do have to say I feel some weigh lifted off. For the longest time I’ve always felt so pressured that I need to get things done fast and that there isn’t time to be wasting for anything other than work. Not to say don’t use time wisely, but just the feeling that there is hope for a better working life is just awesome.

      • TracesoftheSoul says :

        Now, you made me smile:)

  2. microrrelatososhortstories says :

    Just this past week there was a series of webinars titled “the quarterlife upgrade” here’s thelink on those days the intervies streamed for free, now you’d have to buy them, anyway , I do recommend you look at the presenters because theyare all young men and women who are writing books and speaking infront of people helping them sort stuff out, counselling them… Some of them have courses in coaching, that is to become a part of their team and help them spread their ideas… En*theos is a great platform, it’s got great ideas and people… Sorry for the rambling but as I read your post I felt I had to share this with you 🙂 good luck, Alexandra

    • naokihan says :

      Thank you for the link. I’ll definitely look into it. Don’t worry about the rambling. I know I can be a rambler at times myself. Just having this kind of feedback from my followers though has been truly awesome. Makes me want to work even harder for my blog and goal.

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