Seeking Knowledge


I am excited today to share with you what I have just found. As many of you may know from my recent blog posts is that personally I have been feeling anxious about education. These feelings are not from the fear of doing, but more of how am I going to have the time and money to afford to become educated. And then I found what I was looking for; an opportunity.

When I was browsing facebook I came upon a link to two sites that offered free courses. Those sites were:

I also found out along the way that M.I.T. has been offering free courses as well online. If any of you are interested in that click on this link: M.I.T. Courses.

I am not saying that one should not go to college to get an education. I think the experience can be invaluable; not to mention that many places in today’s society ask that you have a degree to get a job. So I still plan to go back to school, but I am glad to see that an ideal I had about knowledge is slowly beginning to be planted in our society. Thank those that have made this a possibility.


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One response to “Seeking Knowledge”

  1. microrrelatososhortstories says :

    Great and immensely varied options at M.I.T. Good luck and I truly hope you find the course that feeds your mind as well as your soul, read you soon, Alexandra

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