Consumer VS. Producer


Today was a little difficult to figure out what I had wanted to write for my blog today. While struggling to figure out what to write I started wasting time with frivolous things. After a while I go take a shower. While being pelted by the water I figured out what I needed to write about. And that topic is about consumerism.

From a young time we are taught to consume. Sure we are also told we need to produce things, but the production side of our lives are not nearly as well supported as the consumer side is. I realized this consumer mentality has led me away from working toward being a producer.

Producing something isn’t difficult, but I feel that with the consumer mindset it does become somewhat of a challenge to produce value for others to enjoy. Of course, I don’t want everyone who is viewing this to think that they must spend more time working and less time enjoying things to consume. Rather, I would like to suggest that we work toward consuming the joys of producing things we enjoy producing. Do something that is fun and share it. Even if you feel it is not worth sharing just share it. Even if it’s just writing about a personal experience just share it with others. We are meant to learn and share, but we can only do this if we are willing to go from the consuming mindset and shift to the producer mindset. Are you ready to make that step? I hope so. Until next time have a great day everyone.


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