My Hope



For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a new post for my blog. Sadly, I’ve been feeling uninspired and plagued with a sense of hopelessness for producing meaningful content. The posts that I have put up so far I feel aren’t bad, but in some ways I feel lack of energy to them. I’ve also been struggling with a sense of meaningful purpose in life. I believe that this has been a big hurdle toward my hopes for this blog as well as any future aspirations I may have. However, today I was given some light when I came across this picture I have put up at the top of this blog.

My life has become a rather dreadful and depressing story with little hope. I really dislike my current line of work I do to survive. This is not to say there is anything wrong with the job itself, but there is nothing there that makes my spirit want to do more. On top of that living on such a small income I am rather limited in what I can do after work or during my days off. So most of the time I end up procrastinating or wasting my time on stupid things. Of course, if I hadn’t been wasting my time as usual I probably wouldn’t have ever come across this picture.

When I saw the picture for the first time I could only stare at it. When I read it over a few times it made me ponder about the things I enjoyed doing. After a while I realized the thing I really enjoyed doing most was to help others by hearing out their problems or to try and inspire hope from things I have read or learned. It had also made me realize that I enjoyed writing.

So I ask of you, my fellow followers and readers, please help me help you. Tell me your problems or things you’d like to know more about. I don’t know how I can turn this desire to help others into a career, but I do know I would love to help as many of you as I can; even if it only helps one person I would still like to help that one person. So with that being said I would love to thank you all for following me and to everyone that has read my blog. Thank you.


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5 responses to “My Hope”

  1. Theresa says :

    How do you want to help? Volunteering? Writing? Working on a hot line? Enough of a desire & finances to go back to school to get re-educated in a new field?

    • naokihan says :

      Well I do know I want to educate myself more and try to go back to school, but money is a bit tight so I intend to focus on self learning and writing at this point of time, but would eventually love to donate and volunteer to causes that I feel are great; especially for causes that would promote better education around the world. I am really hoping to try and monetize this blog a long with a few other blogs so that I can focus on writing, learning, and donating time and resources to focus on helping many people rather being forced to work for only one or two employers.

  2. watch dogs pc says :

    I love reading through an article that will make people think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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