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Inspiration of the Day: New Day = New Chances


We all make mistakes everyday. It’s part of being human. However, with each new day we have an opportunity to make things better. To improve upon what we have started or are already working on from the previous day(s). So if you feel stressed out from messing up today just remember tomorrow is another chance to change all of that.


Inspirational of the Day: Rest

SparkPeople Rest Quote

It’s always important to be actively productive. However, just as it is important to be productive one must also remember to take proper rest. Without rest we’ll only burn out. So remember to rest.

Inspiration of the Day: Success = Desire > Fear


To fail is a scary thing. I often feel afraid of failure and end up taking a passive route. However, that is not the path toward success. Success is littered with moments of failure. It is through our willingness to fail and keep on trying that eventually brings us the success that we so desire. So, are you ready to succeed today?

Inspiration of the Day: Lend a hand


Such a moving quote. When you observe the habits of those who are a success you will also realize that they are usually the ones that are willing to lend others a hand without compensation on the mind. Are you willing to help other for free?

Some Simple Things to Remember About Life


Do you feel lost? Then perhaps you need to go back to the basics of things. Today while browsing the web I felt rather lost and frustrated myself about my current pace of things, but then I came across this image and felt at ease. It’s okay to be lost sometimes, but if you do feel lost remember these three simple rules and you’ll eventually find your way.


Inspiration of the Day: The First Seed


Everything starts small. You may think you are big, but the reality is you’re still small. This is okay though, because if we don’t start, then nothing will ever grow. So start something small and watch it grow.

Inspiration of the Day: The True Way of Life


I was blown away when I read this quote by Picasso. It is so simple. Yet, the depth of it is so profound. I’ve never been a fan of Picasso’s work, but I do respect the fact that he found his gift and gave it to the people. Find your gift and give it. That is the only way to true contentment in life.