Gaming: The Next Stage of Social Success

Hello everyone. How is everyone? I hope you are doing as well if not better than how I am. Not to long ago I had put up a post about success from a speaker on TED. I am sure many of you have probably heard of TED. For those of you that haven’t though I highly recommend that you do go check them out. They even have a blog on here that you can follow. Anyways, as I continued by browsing after a small game of MTGO I watched another inspirational video from TED. Now this one for me held a particular place of interest. For a long time I had believed that if life were really a game, then I’d probably be more motivated to do the things that were needed compared to my current state of being. Of course, my personal state is my own fault. However, I would still have to say that I do truly believe that a gaming concept for real life would be more interesting. A prime example that was used in the video was Farmville. Thousands of people all over the world play this game. Another great example is the World of Warcraft. Games have always been good about rewarding players compared to punishing them for mistakes. This is not to say we should forget that this is the real world and some things are more permanent than others, but another thing I do believe is that if we as people had more fun in our lives and enjoyed what we did, then we’d be both happier and more productive. Now, without further ado here is the video.


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