Trapped By Money










Recently I had tried to quit my job with Wal-Mart. By the end of my attempt to quit I ended up not being able to quit. It’s not that I couldn’t the job, but I have lately been feeling that I’ve been overly focused on short term gains by the means of a job. This doesn’t mean having a job is wrong or bad. I think it’s good to do some form of work. However, I don’t think this line of work well for me. It was at this point that I realized I really hated working any job in general. Some jobs were better than others. In the end though there really wasn’t a job I cared to work. The only reason I had for working these jobs were to try and pay bills. I had fallen into the money trap.

I feel that it’s safe to say that the majority of the world has fallen for this trap. Being taught and bombarded by imagery of wealth most of us are tempted to do whatever we can to obtain these materialistic joys. Sadly the only way to obtain these goods is to use what we know which has been taught to us from a young age that is to go get a job and work. At this point it got me pondering about life and what I’ve spent my time learning in life. I’ve read so many things; especially things on business and investing, however I have yet to really apply what I have learned on my own. So I decided to start something stupid and will post more about it this coming weekend.

The money trap is a reality that we all must face. It’s our duty to escape it. So are you going to remained trapped or are you going to break free? The choice is yours. Until next time take care my fellow readers.


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