Thought for Food America


When I saw this picture today it got me thinking more about our education system. Why don’t we follow those that are more academically stronger than us? Sure, we’ve had many innovations in our country, but perhaps we could have more if our education was made more accessible and affordable to the entire population. Sure, there is always self learning and that is the most important thing to have, but I do feel that the majority of us do need a bit of pushing to learn. What are your thoughts?


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4 responses to “Thought for Food America”

  1. theparasiteguy says :

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    I must admit that I’m in full agreement with this; I’d be interested to hear others’ views on the matter.

    • naokihan says :

      Thanks for sharing. I feel that there is a lot we can learn from other nations on making ourselves better. Living in the U.S. and hearing about these things does make me wonder what our government is thinking. Of course, there is probably more at hand than we know especially with most governments having some form of secret intelligence agency at work, but then that begs the question why so many secrets? If we were a more open community as a world we would probably be united already under one banner. Not to say that there isn’t an organization that is setup to try and accomplish that idea. However, as a nation I think the U.S. could do better.

  2. everydaypowerblog says :


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