Give and Receive






Hello everyone. Are you all doing well? I hope so. Last Saturday I had an amazing experience. And it has to do with giving.

Originally I was only going to go play a simple prerelease for a game called Magic: The Gathering. I had came a bit early so I figured I would go kill some time at the nearby Wal-Mart. As I was walking toward the store I saw a rather filthy man ask someone for money. This man came up to me asking me for $8 dollars. He had a rather pungent smell of him similar to that of a druggy. For whatever reason I ended up giving this filthy man the $8. Upon reaching the doorway I saw a few people trying to raise awareness for breast cancer. Now, you may not know this, but there was an interview done by some news group about these kinds of organizations and though their intent is good the money is typically not used very much for the intended purpose. However, yet again I felt compelled to give them a few dollars. And it was after that moment that things started happening.

The first thing that happened was I came upon a really cool Magic: The Gathering shirt. At that moment I knew I wanted it. So I got it. I then proceeded to the card shop to play the event. My card pool was at or maybe a little more than break even for the amount I had paid for it. Then to top things off I was given a bye for the first round giving me an instant win. From that point during that break I came upon some cards from another game I had been interested in for some time, but never had the opportunity to really try out. I had asked the clerk how much a single deck was, but another individual, he may have been a manager or owner of the shop, told me he’d sell me the everything they had of that product for a mere $20. Now the typical price of these things being sold at a shop for like that would be about $10 to $17 per deck. The other thing that was added to this was the booster packs. These packs average about $3.50 to $4.5 a pack.  I had gotten 5 decks and 26 boosters. That is on average a $141 worth of product for just $20. Then during the raffle in the middle of the tournament I received a $7 limited Magic: The Gathering deck box. And lastly I made it into the top 8 with a 3 booster prize pool for my 8th place finish.

The thing I wanted to show through this personal experience was that through my unconditional giving I had received more than I gave. This is something I know I need to work on more, but I do believe the universe was working to give back to me for what I gave without thought of return. So if you really want something in life remember give unconditionally and you shall receive more than you give in due time.


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