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Ever since I have started this blog I have written a small batch of posts that talk about successful thinking, self improvement, and etc. Sometimes though I wonder if anything that I write on here is of help for others. I do wish to inspire and help, but most of all I just want to see people go toward their dreams and achieve them. I do hope these posts are helping you guys out. Anyways, onto the real part of this post.

How many of you have told yourself that after you retire or make enough money that you’re going to do something, but never do? I would predict that 99% are on that boat; even I am on that boat. However, we don’t need to think we are doomed to follow this path. We can change all of this, but like with all things it will take much effort on our part to do so.

Many of us are told from a young age that in order to do the things we want we first have to work long and hard for many years to save up. There is nothing wrong with working long and hard. Nor is there anything wrong with saving up, but we do need to make our dreams concrete and attainable to make all that hard work amount to something. So for this post I am going to use myself as an example.

Now I’m not going to brag about anything because obviously I know I’m far from reaching any of my goals, but I have taken the first step to making it concrete. So let me tell you one of my goals I hope to make come true.

The goal I wish to make come true is to open up my own card shop so I can sell collectible game cards like magic, pokemon, and yugioh while holding gaming events and competing in them myself to eventually become a pro magic player myself. The first time I started doing this online I failed miserably. I had jumped in without doing enough research and failed when the market conditions didn’t become favorable. I then fell back into working just a regular job and telling myself I can do this later again. A few years had gone by and I realized that at the rate I was going this goal would never come to realization. This is when I had recalled that life isn’t really about doing it yourself, but making it into a team sport to achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs. So I have setup a timeline for when I will hopefully be starting and saving up my portion to make this dream come true. Whether or not I will make it is another question, but now my path is clear and I have something concrete to follow.

Dreams and goals need to be realistic. Even if they seem unreal you need to make them as realistic as possible. And lastly, you need to tell yourself to start now, because you can dream and think you can do it later, but if you keep following that pattern you’ll most likely never reach your dreams.


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2 responses to “Go After That Dream”

  1. busymindthinking says :

    Yes you do make a difference. This is my first visit to your blog; and will definitely not be my last. Wishing you an inspired day yourself.

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