Live Life: Working vs Wishing



Many of us wish for so many things, but the end result is that these wishes just remain wishes. We, ourselves, are mostly to blame for this, but a portion of the blame can be put on the system created by society.

From a young age we’re told to stop dreaming and focus on reality. This I feel leads us to a state of wishing, because dreams are wishes that possess more substance than a mere wish. It doesn’t have to be this way though. And this is where work comes into play.

When we think of work we think a job, but that isn’t what work is. Work doesn’t need to be a job, but it is something that requires effort. If you’re willing to work, then most likely your wishes will become dreams that come true. With that being said I hope you may all achieve your dreams. Until next time take care and live life.


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4 responses to “Live Life: Working vs Wishing”

  1. Pastor James Miller says :

    Ever read the story of Rachel and Leah? Just saying.

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