Life Life: Slavery Starts With You


I haven’t written one of these for a while, but with the stuff I have been looking into I felt it was a good time to share what I have been looking into: Becoming Free.

What is freedom to you? I had to ask this of myself because I felt I was free, but as of late it started to dawn upon me that perhaps my thought of freedom was merely an illusion. After much pondering I realized that I was not free. This made me wonder how I got to the point of not being free. A lot of people would try to blame this lack of freedom from the stresses set by society for social status and material desires, but the real culprit is none other than oneself.

We have done a marvelous job creating a system that enslaves us while providing the illusion of freedom. This is not to say one shouldn’t get material objects or socialize, but that one should ask if you are doing this because you want to or that you feel that you are some how obligated to do so. Take a moment and mull over this thought. Also remember, only you can choose whether you want to be free or not. Until next time take care and live life.


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One response to “Life Life: Slavery Starts With You”

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs says :

    Brilliant reminder for all of us.

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