Self Help: An Endless Loop of Common Sense



“The only one who can truly keep you imprisoned is yourself.”



This post was inspired from my personal search to grow with the help of self help books. At first I had devoured any book I could get my hands on. In some ways I still do, but it then dawned upon me what I was doing. I was not taking action and just looking for a cure all that I would never find from reading all these self help books.

Self help is named because we need to help ourselves. However, I feel that most of us go on this endless loop of continued reading in hopes that a solution would present itself and solve all our problem. I know I was one of those suckers. In some ways I still am that sucker, but I have a better idea of what I need to do and the answer to that can be summed up in one word: “ACTION”.

Action is the vital key to helping ourselves. We take the first step of doing research by buying up these self help books, but we don’t take the second step and that is to take action to change our lives. If any action occurs it is usually where you would go out to your local book store and purchase another self help book. There is nothing wrong with reading these self help books, but essentially they are just books of common sense based upon the writer’s experience. So start taking actions that will change your life and end that endless loop of just reading in hopes of a miracle answer.

Now, before you decide to quite reading self help books altogether I want to say that there is nothing to keep reading. Different people have different experiences and it is this difference that can help shed light on a problem you may be facing in your life right now, but you still need to remember to take real action. I know that is something I need to work on and I feel safe to say that that is probably true for many of us. Now stop reading and start taking action. 🙂


“Common sense is seeing things as they are; and doing as things as they ought to be.”

~Harriet Beecher Stowe



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9 responses to “Self Help: An Endless Loop of Common Sense”

  1. Long Life Cats and Dogs says :

    Really important advice – take action. Just taking one step forward makes all the difference.

  2. Steve Lakey says :

    I’ve fallen into the trap of buying the latest self-help “fix”. I now see that the books are good for motivation but I actually need to take action!

    • naokihan says :

      Thanks for reading my post. I know exactly how you feel on that. I do have to say that many of them are quite motivational, but the most important key for us is taking real actions to improve our lives. I hope you are able to find the path that will lead you to the kind of life you desire. Again thanks for reading. =)

  3. appliedalliance says :

    Good advice…life is a succession of lessons which must live in order to grow. Great post. Julia

  4. Starfruit says :

    A while ago I’ve actually learned a ‘trick’ to this, being a self-help junkie myself: take 1 idea from the book and apply it. Now I don’t buy the book if I can’t see 1 idea that has practical and immediate application in my life. It’s an agreement I have with myself. Saves resources and keeps me accountable.

    • naokihan says :

      That is a very good suggestion. I feel that probably another problem I’ve had with self help books is just being perhaps a bit overloaded with information and trying to do it all at once only to not really accomplish much of anything. I do feel though that most of the ideas on there are quite applicable to our current lives, but the amount of relevancy it has at the current moment of our lives does make some of those ideas seem rather irrelevant. Still, that is a good way to save on money. Do you have any particular self help guru you enjoy reading from?

      • Starfruit says :

        None in particular. I just get any book off the bookshelves based on what problem I am experiencing at that time.

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