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Your Life as a RPG Character



My posts have been very sporadic for some time now. I do apologize for that to my dear followers, but I do feel that writing has been more meaningful compared to when I have been trying to writing something daily. Of course, this isn’t what I came on here today to talk about. I came on here to share an experiment that I am about to embark on. That mission is to make my life into a game.

How many of you have thought it would be cool if you were a game character or a comic book character? I know I have and am sure many of you have had this fantasy at one point of your life. So the question becomes why not try to live life like your favorite characters?

A lot of games these days are really just an imitation of our lives with a few fantasy aspects added to them. One of the greatest examples of these are the MMO’s. So lets look into the aspects of a typical MMO,

In a MMO you have a character that you build. They fight monsters, learn skills, do quests, go on adventures, make friends, and earn cash. The only part of that list that we don’t necessarily do on a daily basis is fight monsters, but everything else we do.  Learning skills is education, quests are jobs, adventures is travel, friends are friends, and we get cash from selling our junk or completing our jobs. However, there are some very notable difference aside from the fantasy factors of the game and that is we love doing the stuff on the game.

Why do we love it though? The work isn’t really no different from the work we do daily. The only major difference is variety. We are constantly doing different things in the game. So what if we tried doing different stuff? This is something I intend to try for myself and each month I shall share my experience of this journey every month. I know the time gap does seem kind of large, but change does take time. I hope others of you might try this out and share your experiences. Thank you every one.