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A Thought About Life



My posts on here have become less and less. They say in order for one to have a successful blog it is very crucial to be very active in its activity. I will not deny the importance or the knowledge of those that claim that statement because I too believe that high activity, especially in the early stages, is important. However, when I started this blog I had wanted to use it as a way of discovering myself. Of course, I was also a bit trapped by the wants of popularity and the hopes of monetizing the blog to earn additional income, but along the way things had changed.

As of this posting I have already reached the age of 27. I don’t really have much to show for my life and have still yet to truly work on a career for myself. The past nine years I have squandered. In some ways I have learned a lot, but in other ways I have learned so little. In the past I have written about success, mastery, personal freedom, joy, and other topics, but the posts themselves are so superficial. They don’t have the knowledge or true experience behind them that I feel is important. This lack of true meaning has led me to try to search deeper into finding a passion that is suited to my being.

For the longest time I had been searching for an answer toward the purpose of my existence. I feel it safe to say that a good majority of us have been looking for the answer to what we need to do in life to be happy and have the success we so desire. Sadly we are all born into a trap due to the nature of our current society.

With the coming of the information age expectations of things have hastened. Employers want quality people fast and people want as much money as they can get now. This mode of living sadly only creates mediocrity. And the reason for it is because we lack the necessary mastery of the subject to be any good at it.

A while back I had wrote a post about how it takes the average individual about 10,000 hours to go and master a certain skill set. If we say we spent two hours on it everyday it would take us almost 14 whole years. When you think about it it makes sense why back during the apprenticeship era people had started at 12 to 16 years of age and sometimes even earlier than that so that hopefully they could get the kind of work they so desired. However, most of us don’t really even start truly working until we enter college.

Going back to myself this thought is rather troubling. A lot of people would say I am not that old, but working full time at a menial job doesn’t give one a whole lot of time to work in mastering a skill set that would give me the kind of life I would desire. Lets also not forget that if I were to put in a fair amount time into an actual skill set it’s going to take me about 14 years.

The thing I hope you were all able to take from this is to start young and chase after a dream that will support you later in life. Even if you don’t start till you enter college try to do whatever you can to be able to dedicate yourself to this training. I know that life isn’t always easy and that we need to be able to support ourselves, but the payout for gaining the skills now rather than later are going to be so much higher than any income you can hope to achieve right out of high school. So thanks for reading and I shall leave you with a quote from Plato.


“Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”



Live Life: Listen to the Lesson on Hand


For a while now I have been spending a lot of time with a person whom is precious to me. I had let that individual consume my very being and had lost my identity in the process. However, after dropping this person to the airport and watching them leave on their own journey I had realized that my time with them was a necessary lesson to help me grow stronger as an individual. The acceptance of this lesson took a long arduous three years. It was tough, but it’s a lesson that I dearly needed. Sometimes we don’t know why we go through what we go through in life, but rest assured that there is a lesson there that is waiting for your acknowledgement.