Live Life: Do Work You Love



For a while I have been pondering over the daily activities of my current life as well as the typical activities of an average person. I had found that we spend about 16 hours a day working a job and sleeping. Some people do these two activities a little more or less than 16 hours, but when you think about it that’s a lot of time. Thinking about this time allocation made me even more determined to find something I would love to make a career out of. The major problem wasn’t necessarily trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do, but more like making the time to do so. However, not to long ago I had recalled a comment a friend of mine made to me.

“You could work less on work and work on your goal.”

When I had first heard these words I was thinking how could I work less? I have bills to pay. Life isn’t inexpensive. After a few days I had stepped back to consider my friend’s words. They were right to an extent. I needed to focus on my goals more than work. However, I also realized I could be more industrious with my time as well when I wasn’t working. Sure, we all need rest and what not, but I also know if you love something, then it wouldn’t be work and it may have a lot of personal benefits. And that is when I came across the picture above.

Now I know this doesn’t necessarily mean we are good at things we would like to be good at and in fact we may be great at things we dislike immensely. However, most of us aren’t good at things we love to begin with. So the only route left to us is to work at the things we do love.

Now to close this off I would like for you all as food for thought to consider how you can do work you love, because if you have to spend a third of the day working, then you might as well work on something you love.


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