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Live Life: Do Work You Love



For a while I have been pondering over the daily activities of my current life as well as the typical activities of an average person. I had found that we spend about 16 hours a day working a job and sleeping. Some people do these two activities a little more or less than 16 hours, but when you think about it that’s a lot of time. Thinking about this time allocation made me even more determined to find something I would love to make a career out of. The major problem wasn’t necessarily trying to figure out what it was I wanted to do, but more like making the time to do so. However, not to long ago I had recalled a comment a friend of mine made to me.

“You could work less on work and work on your goal.”

When I had first heard these words I was thinking how could I work less? I have bills to pay. Life isn’t inexpensive. After a few days I had stepped back to consider my friend’s words. They were right to an extent. I needed to focus on my goals more than work. However, I also realized I could be more industrious with my time as well when I wasn’t working. Sure, we all need rest and what not, but I also know if you love something, then it wouldn’t be work and it may have a lot of personal benefits. And that is when I came across the picture above.

Now I know this doesn’t necessarily mean we are good at things we would like to be good at and in fact we may be great at things we dislike immensely. However, most of us aren’t good at things we love to begin with. So the only route left to us is to work at the things we do love.

Now to close this off I would like for you all as food for thought to consider how you can do work you love, because if you have to spend a third of the day working, then you might as well work on something you love.


Finding the Answer You Need

Lately I have been voraciously trying to seek the answer to what I personally wanted from life. Before trying to live more for myself I was leading a rather unhealthy lifestyle of self loathing. There were things I enjoyed, but they were all rather trivial. So this trivial feeling I had made it quite difficult for me to really find a passion. However, after doing a lot of soul searching with the help of loa I feel I had found an answer to what it was I was seeking. Now this is only a start, but for me it is an extremely exciting beginning. Of course I think we all need a little help here and there so I found something I thought could be of use to all of you who are still trying to seek the answer to your own lives. I hope this helps.

Click the image below to start watching.



Live Life: Use the Law of Attraction to make your life better


Recently I have been studying and applying the ideas behind the law of attraction or loa for short. I have had some amazing results with it and honestly can say that it works. I am sure however that there are some of you out there that are doubtful of it. So let me tell you a bit about my experience with it.

Since my youth I have always known about loa, but I didn’t know that it was called loa until recently. My childhood wasn’t bad, but of course with anything it can always have been better. I have always had a lot of negative thoughts while growing up. This brought about a lot of negative events in my life. During this time of negativity I had been trying to find the meaning to my existence and the secrets of the wealthy. Of course all the things I had researched had one common theme and that was the possession of a positive mental attitude and a clearly defined goal.

Many of you probably like myself have read these books on success and how to get wealthy, but things just didn’t seem to work out as easily or we just passed it off as a bunch of garbage. I know I have passed off a lot of stuff as just being unreal or checking it off as just pure luck. It is that very thought though that is limiting us.

The key with loa is one’s very own thought. It does not discriminate between positive or negative thoughts. So to test this out I started small by thinking of close parking spots or having great days. Those things worked, but I wasn’t quite convinced so I took it up a notch and put in the thought of winning magic games. To my surprise I started winning more and my card pool was just really awesome; especially when I would win first place with my pool.

So now that you know of loa I suggest you look into it more and start getting what you deserve in your life.

Live Life: Be Positive


Being positive is important. Most of us don’t realize this; especially when we are having to deal with various difficulties in our lives. So here is a short list of why it is so important for us to be positive:

  • Your health will improve.
  • You will be liked more by others.
  • You will find more opportunities in life.

Though this list is short you can surely see the benefits of being positive. So the next time you are going through a difficult time try to be positive about it and remember that good things are coming.

Live Life: Unplug Yourself


For a while now I have been working on unplugging myself from most of my electronics. With the way things areĀ  most of us are connected to something electronic. It is convenient, keeps us up to date, and usually quite handy as a tool that can be used daily. However, I do feel that it makes you get out of touch with the world. So take some time every now and then to just enjoy nature and relax.

Live Life: Embrace Change



Life is continuously changing. Some of these changes are influenced by our actions while others not so much. Don’t fight it. Learn to flow with the change and make the best of it. And surely life will bring you good fortune.

Live Life: Keep Moving Forward



I would like to apologize for not keeping up with the posts for this series. I have been going through a lot of stuff in my life and today I finally came to a point of moving forward.

Moving forward can be difficult. It has been quite difficulty for me for a very long time. From my youth to just recently I had been harboring and holding on to feelings of anger, rage, and sorrow. These feelings also led to other acrimonious feelings to arise. However, from personal experience it just isn’t worth it. I lost so much to it. I lost my life, a person I cared about, and nearly my future. So remember, even if things are bad keep moving forward, because you can’t move onto the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last chapter.