Live Life: A Student for Life


“Education is a progressive discovery of your own ignorance.”

~Will Durant


Life is a never ending journey for obtaining true wisdom. We can set all the goals we want or dream of the most amazing things possible, but without the knowledge to back it up these goals and dreams remain but a fantasy awaiting to be released from the prisons of our minds. As a society it is our moral duty not only to ourselves, but for the sake of bettering the lives of others that we continuously educate ourselves of all things of the universe. We know many things; yet, we know so little. So the next time you feel you are bored or think that there is nothing to do go pick up a book and learn something new or relearn something because life is a never ending journey toward true wisdom.

If there is something you have learned recently please share it with us. We would love to hear about it. Thanks for sharing.


“An investment of knowledge pays the best interest.”

~Benjamin Franklin



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5 responses to “Live Life: A Student for Life”

  1. Starfruit says :

    So true. For me, it’s always books and observing people & social interactions that bring new insights. Travel too. And taking the time to reflect on it all. Beautifully written. The Will Durant quote did spur me a bit to quit the MBA! Hahaha 😀

    • naokihan says :

      Thanks for the comment. I sincerely appreciate it. I do believe that travel is also a crucial part to one’s personal education. I would love to travel more, but sadly money is a bit tight for now. Ah, you quit your MBA. What made you decide to quit it?

      • Starfruit says :

        I’m just taking a breather right now. I realized the real world is not textbook black & white so I guess I prefer to do my own observing and reflecting at this point in time.

      • naokihan says :

        I hear where you are coming from. I myself am starting to become a bit fed up with how moronic our education system can be. I do understand the original intent of the education system, but I personally feel that that intent is a true disservice to all of society.

  2. appliedalliance says :

    Excellent post Naoki. As Gandhi said…’Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’! Julia

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