Love: A Double Edged Sword

Love is one of the most amazing feelings a person can feel. It has the power to make you believe and accomplish things you never thought possible, but love is not without its downside. On the other side there is jealousy and suffering. These feelings are what makes love a double edged sword, but we can work to forge this blade into a single edge of pure love. Here are some things you can do to work toward that:

  • Love life.
  • Don’t pour all your love into just one thing.
  • Accept the challenges and know later down the road you will be rewarded for your patience.
  • Tell yourself everyday that you love your life.

These are simple things we can all do and given time they can make a big impact on your life. So remember, when the challenges are hard don’t give up because in the end love will conquer all.


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2 responses to “Love: A Double Edged Sword”

  1. appliedalliance says :

    Thanks Naoki…this is just what i needed today! Julia

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