“If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another.”

~ Winston Churchill

Recently while doing some reading a thought had come across my mind about the wealthy people of our planet. Why are these people so wealthy? How did they become wealthy? Why do a good majority of them stay wealthy? These questions that raced through my mind came to a simple singular answer, and that answer is service.

When we work we are serving our employer. For servicing our employer what do we get in return? We get some form of compensation. This usually takes of the form of monetary compensation because that is the easiest means for us to trade compared to the old battering system of carrying around cows and chickens. So who are our employers serving? The general public. Whether it’s just one person or many they tend to serve more than just the one individual. This is what separates the wealthy from the rest of us. There are some of us who are fortunate enough to be born into these wealthy families, but if they wish to keep their wealth, then it is up to them to continue to serve the masses or else join with the rest of society and live the middle or poor class life.

You may whine and say that these wealthy people must of had lots of help or without their employees would have never reached to the position they are in now. This is true, but it takes that first step of wanting to serve others that set them apart. This in turn gave others the opportunity service the employer. However, you don’t need to always be just an employee. You have the power to be more than just a mere employee. The reason for this is because we are all born with the ability to create things.

The ability to create products or service is bestowed upon all of us. Whether we choose to use this gift is up to us and no one else. However, if we do choose to utilize this gift, then we have taken our first step to serving others as we should be. Of course, this isn’t the only thing that made the rich the wealthy people they are today, but it is definitely a key component to the secrets of becoming wealthy. So if you want to get wealthy think of serving others before being serviced and you shall be blessed with wealth unimaginable.
“You were placed on this planet to create, not compete.”

~Dr. Robert Anthony


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  1. appliedalliance says :

    Excellent…I so agree! Julia

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