To Seek That Which Is Correct

Is there a right answer to everything in life? When I was younger I had used to think that there was. When I had reached my mid teenage years my thoughts had changed to think that there may be some potential gray spots. However, my recent reflection on life has made me think about it and I would have to say that life does have a correct answer. Of course this isn’t something so simplistic as saying life is black and white. No, that is overly simplistic. If anything it is the result that would lead to the best outcome.

to achieve this best outcome we can only do so by making a specific goal. With a specific goal you will have a specific outcome that you are trying to reach. You may not be able to get it right the first time, and it is quite possible that you may never reach your goal. However, as you go along to obtaining this goal you should eventually reach the correct answer to the obstacles that are preventing you from obtaining your goal and thus hopefully reach your goal.

This view may seem rather naive to many of you, but I feel it may not be so far fetched. I do have to say though that one correct answer in life that I am certain of is that all things have an end. Nothing lasts forever. With this one answer we can perhaps safely say that the next correct answer is to not become attached to the things of this life. There are many questions that need answering and so little time to truly understand what is the right answer for them all, but perhaps someday as a society we may eventually reach a point where these answers may be of common knowledge. So the next time you’ve come to an answer for something try to ponder whether that was the best answer or not. It may be hard to tell at first, but I do feel that it is good for all of us to reflect upon our past answers to see if we can find a better answer for the future.


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One response to “To Seek That Which Is Correct”

  1. appliedalliance says :

    Great thought provoking post….There are no easy answers but there are simple answers. You must have the courage to do what you know is right. for you. Julia

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