Growing Stronger


I had been working on a different post for this blog, but it has been taking me quite some time to complete it. I then had an event today that made me realized I had grown emotionally and mentally stronger. For me this was a rather profound realization.
For most of my life I have had a rocky relationship with those I cared for most. It seemed that any effort I had put forth wasn’t quite enough. This felt especially true from my last relationship. Now I know I’m not a saint and I know I can be somewhat bullheaded, but when I had read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers it had made sit back and ponder about a lot of things. (If you want to read the actual post this is the link: Happiness is a Choice.) Was I really wrong? Why do I have to be apologetic for something that isn’t necessarily wrong? I may have made some mistakes, but I finally have accepted that there is nothing wrong with being wrong. And you should not feel bad about being wrong as well.
Being wrong is a part of life. We are meant to make mistakes. Some of us are able to learn from it the first time. Sometimes we aren’t able to learn from it the first time, but there is nothing wrong with that. So be strong, and if you start feeling bad about making a mistake don’t. We are human. This is how we are. Just remember to keep improving and eventually all will be well.


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2 responses to “Growing Stronger”

  1. appliedalliance says :

    Well said! ….Mistakes, show us what needs improving, they tell us what to work on. Julia

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