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To Seek That Which Is Correct

Is there a right answer to everything in life? When I was younger I had used to think that there was. When I had reached my mid teenage years my thoughts had changed to think that there may be some potential gray spots. However, my recent reflection on life has made me think about it and I would have to say that life does have a correct answer. Of course this isn’t something so simplistic as saying life is black and white. No, that is overly simplistic. If anything it is the result that would lead to the best outcome.

to achieve this best outcome we can only do so by making a specific goal. With a specific goal you will have a specific outcome that you are trying to reach. You may not be able to get it right the first time, and it is quite possible that you may never reach your goal. However, as you go along to obtaining this goal you should eventually reach the correct answer to the obstacles that are preventing you from obtaining your goal and thus hopefully reach your goal.

This view may seem rather naive to many of you, but I feel it may not be so far fetched. I do have to say though that one correct answer in life that I am certain of is that all things have an end. Nothing lasts forever. With this one answer we can perhaps safely say that the next correct answer is to not become attached to the things of this life. There are many questions that need answering and so little time to truly understand what is the right answer for them all, but perhaps someday as a society we may eventually reach a point where these answers may be of common knowledge. So the next time you’ve come to an answer for something try to ponder whether that was the best answer or not. It may be hard to tell at first, but I do feel that it is good for all of us to reflect upon our past answers to see if we can find a better answer for the future.


Knowing Your Limits

We all want to reach our goals. As a society we don’t want to wait to reach the end. There is nothing wrong with wanting, but sometimes one must realize there is a limit.

Recently I had been working two part time jobs, a full time job, and being a full time student. I wanted to advance quickly. I had failed to practice the patience necessary to keep moving forward. So of course with little sleep I ended up reaching a point of failure.

I had many plans, but now those plans will need to be put on hold. So to all of you out there that are reading this. Don’t rush. There is a reason why patience is a virtue. We as individuals can only do so much. Everything takes time and that is inevitable. So don’t stress over things so much. Good things will come so long as you work hard and are patient. So until next time take care and be patient.



The Path of True Wisdom

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing.”

– Socrates

What do we really know? The more we know it seems the less we seem to really know of anything. When I had first started writing for this quote I was left pondering about a good many things. So what really is true wisdom?

I’ve been mulling over that question for a good many days now. It still boggles my mind as I write this post up. However, I came to this conclusion, and that conclusion is that true wisdom is the wisdom that persists to improve oneself.

New Blog Announcement

Just wanted to announce that I have started a new blog to explore my passion for Magic: The Gathering. The address is:

I will still be doing my blog posts for naokihan, but I wanted to make this to keep things separate and organized.

Thanks everyone for your support and readership.

Growing Stronger


I had been working on a different post for this blog, but it has been taking me quite some time to complete it. I then had an event today that made me realized I had grown emotionally and mentally stronger. For me this was a rather profound realization.
For most of my life I have had a rocky relationship with those I cared for most. It seemed that any effort I had put forth wasn’t quite enough. This felt especially true from my last relationship. Now I know I’m not a saint and I know I can be somewhat bullheaded, but when I had read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers it had made sit back and ponder about a lot of things. (If you want to read the actual post this is the link: Happiness is a Choice.) Was I really wrong? Why do I have to be apologetic for something that isn’t necessarily wrong? I may have made some mistakes, but I finally have accepted that there is nothing wrong with being wrong. And you should not feel bad about being wrong as well.
Being wrong is a part of life. We are meant to make mistakes. Some of us are able to learn from it the first time. Sometimes we aren’t able to learn from it the first time, but there is nothing wrong with that. So be strong, and if you start feeling bad about making a mistake don’t. We are human. This is how we are. Just remember to keep improving and eventually all will be well.