Dreams to Reality


When I read the words from this inspiring picture I knew it would be something worth sharing. However, I had difficulty writing this entry. I thought at first I’d write it about imagination, but for some reason it didn’t strike a chord with me. I felt lost. And then it finally came to me; I was going to write about how your imagined dreams can become an achievable reality.

Dreams are dreams. They have no more substance than just the dreams that they are. It is up to you to make those dreams a reality, but to have the dream you must be able to truly imagine it. You must imagine that the dream is real and not just a dream.

So here are steps to make your dream into a reality:

1)      Imagine your dream every day.

2)      Share your dream with others.

3)      Act on your dream.

The first step is the build the mental foundation of making your dream a reality. By thinking about it on a daily basis you are conditioning yourself to focus on the dream. This may not seem like a tough chore, but without the proper mental foundation your dream will just remain a dream.

The second step is to share your dream with others. Not only will this help you focus on your dream, but it will allow for others to potentially help you out with achieving this dream. Now you may not need help if your dream is a small one, but the larger your dream is the more help you will need to see your dream become a reality. So don’t be afraid. This is your dream and you should be excited to share it with others.

The last step is to act on your dream. Talking and thinking about your dream is not going to make any of it a reality. No matter what path you take a dream takes work to become a reality. So don’t worry about the how’s and just worry about doing. You are bound to make mistakes, but as long you are doing you will eventually make your dream into a reality.

So if you have a dream don’t just let it stay a dream. Imagine it being real. And then make it happen.


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