You Are Special Too

Today I would like to talk a bit about being happy that you are you. I think self acceptance is a very difficult thing for many of us to truly grasp. I know that even to this day I have trouble truly accepting myself for being who I am. From a young age I never felt like I was good enough for anyone. This was only compounded by my low self esteem and constant rejection from the girls I had tried to get to date me during my youth. Even with my most recent relationship it was difficult to try and overcome this feeling of not being enough. However, today when I was wasting time on facebook I saw a picture. And this was the picture I saw:


When I had first looked at the picture I had felt sorry for that person, but after looking at it longer you can feel from the picture that the person was genuinely happy. How could he be so happy? And then it came to me that I cared too much about what others thought.

I believe many of us are plagued with the idea that we have to fit a certain image to be acceptable to everyone including ourselves, but such a path will only lead to a life that is filled with disappointment and pain. I know this quite well because that is the kind of life I have been leading for the past several years.

As someone that has led this kind of life I would like to wish that no one falls down this path. Even though I know it is wishful thinking that these words will have much impact I can still hope as I work on learning to be happy with being who I am. So if you’re ever wishing that you were somebody else or that you aren’t worth anything stop. Stop and think about the picture with that boy who is happy with who he is. And hopefully you will realize that you’re just as good as anyone else.


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4 responses to “You Are Special Too”

  1. appliedalliance says :

    A strong message! Julia

  2. lennwebster says :

    This is a wonderful post 🙂 great message about self acceptance

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