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Passion is a key ingredient to anything that has garnered great success. I believe this statement to be quite true; especially if you look at all the things that have failed or had minimal success.

Last week I had mentioned I’d be sharing my passions. When I was thinking about it though I couldn’t say if my passions were that of my own or developed due to wanting companionship. At first this thought was somewhat troubling, but now I kind of relish it. The whole process of self discovery has been quite exciting. It’s like being a little kid again. The only passions I know for sure that are my own is the acquiring of knowledge and games. I especially enjoy Magic: The Gathering.

One thing I would like to note is that these are passions and not just mere hobbies. I think that many people sort of mistake the two. A passion is something you love. A hobby is something you just enjoy. The fundamental difference is astounding.

I have yet to learn how to turn my passions into an engine for generating me income, but I am also aware that I’m sure to find more passions as I continue this journey of self discovery. This life is short. We all owe it to ourselves to lead a life filled with joy and fulfillment. So I sincerely say to you all to please find something you love to do and use it to some how help others, because in the end all we have is one another.


Observations & Purpose

There has been many thoughts going through my mind these past few days. Most of them about what skill to work on and also what direction I wanted to go for this blog. I feel that as a newb blogger we have all faced this challenge of not knowing what to focus our blogs on as far as topics go. Which is why I felt compelled to write about it on this blog entry; especially since I have found that people don’t really share this part of their blogging experience or if they have I have just some how missed it.

In my last post I had made mention that I wanted to use this blog as a sort of journal or dairy to express the things I have done to improve my life as well as learn what kind of person I am truly. I felt at the time I was writing that post that this topic of self improvement would provide me with an sufficient topic to write for. However, I was gravely mistaken. The most difficult part for me was trying to write content that I felt was truly relevant to that topic.

For quite some time in my life I have read many books and blogs about self improvement,success, and many other subjects. Most of the people in these books or blogs have lived at least a good 20 years more than I have. On top of those many years they have worked to develop a professional knowledge base for their topic based on their life experiences.

So, what has troubled me the most is the fact that I am still quite young. I am quite old when it comes to the work force, but as far as being experienced in life I cannot really come close to most of these writers. However, I do not have any intentions of making this blog into a self improvement blog. Nor do I wish to make this into a ‘how to’ type of blog. Here is where I would like to take a little bit of time to point out some of the observations I have made over these past few days.

Information on just about anything is practially readily available at a click of a button. With the birth of the internet came an explosion of information that was made available to the public. This explosion has allowed us to share so much information with everyone that eventually everything becomes quite redundant; this is especially true in the self help/self development sector. Everything becomes redundant.

They say one of the things about making a blog successful is to not be redundant, but it begs to ask the question of how can we not be redundant? The examples that people may give in their pieces may be unique, but they are only unique to the point of what is not the same as our own personal situation. There is so much redundancy that it becomes rather ridiculous. And through all this redundancy I had finally figured out a purpose.

Rather than write about how I have improved myself I believe that the best route for me is to take one of self expression through my passions. I am still seeking out what my true passions are, but I do have a few that I will share on others posts when the topic of the passions come up. I would like to announce that I plan to dedicate myself to becoming a game developer.

I’ve always been rather on and off about this subject, but I feel that having fun in life is the most important thing in the world. I also believe that games have tremendous potential as a teaching tool for all ages. So I have decided to mainly focus on the design/programming side of the development topic.

For my next topic I am going to talk about some of my current passions. I hope you were able to pull something from this post and I sincerely thank you all for your support. Please let other people know about me and if you want to be friends just let me know in comment or on my facebook. My link to facebook is:

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Pro Status

Recently I had announced on my facebook profile that I wanted to make a change for myself. So I figured I would start this blog to share my journey on discovering myself as well as working toward becoming a better person. With that being said I wanted to share something I had recently looked into about being a professional in any given subject.

They say it takes the average individual 10,000 hours to become a pro at what they are doing. Looking into this statement I would have to agree that it does seem to take the average individual 10,000 hours to become a pro in their subject. If you want to see how many years that would equal, then you can say that it would easily take anywhere from 10 to 30 years. You can see why it’s quite prudent to get into one’s desired field as early as possible. Of course, this usually doesn’t work out like that for the most of us; especially in my own case.

I have made a lot of blunders in my life. One obvious one is not working toward being a pro at something. I have many interests that I would like to look into, but I need to work on focusing myself on one major skill. I don’t have a definite answer right now, but on my next post I will definitely have something I would like to work on.

As far as posting on here goes I am going to try posting at least once a week. Also aside from talking about myself I will also put up on here stuff I found helpful to my own personal development and hopefully these things will help those of you that are following my blog to lead better and more fulfilling lives as well. Thanks for reading this and see you next post.